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Keyport Eats: Discovering the Small-Town Flavors

Keyport may be a small town, but its dining options punch above their weight. Known as "The Pearl of the Bayshore," this charming borough offers a variety of dining experiences that reflect its rich history and community spirit. With around two dozen restaurants, the food scene in Keyport includes everything from cozy American diners and inviting pubs to authentic Mexican, Dominican, Japanese, Chinese, and standout seafood spots. Despite its size, Keyport is a place where the food tells a story of diversity, tradition, and the simple joy of sharing a good meal. Let us dive into what makes dining in Keyport a uniquely local experience. Continue reading ...

Community Chronicles

Exploring Keyport, NJ: The Pearl of the Bayshore

Welcome to Keyport, New Jersey, a captivating borough that boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and scenic beauty, earning it the nickname "The Pearl of the Bayshore." Situated in the northern part of Monmouth County, this waterfront community on the Raritan Bay serves as a charming gateway to the Bayshore region, Keyport presents a cozy, intimate setting that's steeped in maritime heritage and community spirit. Continue reading ...